Films (Old)

The Provincial Archive – The Market (2014 – 4 mins)

Official music video for The Provincial Archive’s “The Market” from their album It’s All Shaken Wonder. Starring Craig Schram and Nathan Burge.


Marlaena Moore – Unsafe, Unsure (2014 – 4 mins)

Music video for Marlaena Moore’s “Unsafe, Unsure” from her debut album Beginner. Starring: Aidan Lucas-Buckland; Graham Mothersill; Lianna Makuch.


Jom Comyn – The Dead (2013 – 4 mins)

Music video for Jom Comyn’s “The Dead” from the album  In The Dark On 99 (All The Time, All The Time).


Cities And Plains  (2013 – 22 mins)

A mostly improvised short film about young people, set during late summer. Named the Outstanding Short Narrative  Film of 2013 by The Film And Video Arts Society – Alberta.


Funeral Of A Former Self  (2013 – 5 mins)

Official music video for Layne L’Heureux’s “Funeral Of A Former Self,” the first single off of his 2013 release United Hotcake Preferred.


One Foot (2013 – 4 mins)

Official music video for Doug Hoyer’s “One Foot” from his 2013 release To Be A River. Featuring Good Women Dance Collective.


Maythorn Live At St. Paul’s Fish Creek (2012 – 8 minutes)

Tyler Butler shares some thoughts about folk music and plays a song in a hundred-year-old church in Calgary, Alberta.


Dirt City : Dream City (2012 – 19 minutes)

Short documentary chronicling the Dirt City : Dream City public art initiative that took place in the Quarters District in Edmonton during the summer of 2012.


small talk (2012 – 11 minutes)

A short documentary profile of Edmonton-based musician and songwriter Liam Trimble. Official Selection: Sled Island Film Festival 2012.


Oh, The Wind Will Blow (2012 – 3 minutes)

Official music video for Doug Hoyer’s “Oh, The Wind Will Blow” from his 2011 release Walks With The Tender & Growing Night. 


Wild Hearts (2011 – 4 minutes)

Short experimental film about a group of friends sharing a special night out at the movies.


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